Hello y’all! I’m Lauren and the creator of Apple Eye. My passion for photography all began years ago when I landed a job as a yearbook journalism teacher. Knowing that I had to teach my staff how to take photographs, I began to become my own student. After completing my Master’s Degree in Secondary English Education, I decided it was time to make this photography thing official. I am often asked to pinpoint a specific moment when I decided that this was it. My ah ha moment has been more of a progression and journey of teaching, learning, and self discovery. I feel as though my work is dynamically appealing to clients and audiences of all different tastes. Because of my teaching background, something that I still do full-time, I have mastered the art of patience and carefully listening to the needs of my clients. I am truly lucky to have found two passions in life as opposed to just one. My work has been described as a blend of classic sensibility with a flare for drama and creativity. So whether you’re looking to push the envelope or capture a classic moment in time, please consider me, Apple Eye. My portraiture photography business is based in Houma, LA.